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4 great reasons to visit Melbourne in the spring

4 great reasons to visit Melbourne in the spring

If you’ve never visited Melbourne in the spring, you are surely missing out. The city is rife with lush green parks and soothing waterways and the nightlife is something to be desired. The city is constantly listed as one of the most liveable places in the world and its reputation holds up. The people are friendly and diverse, which also explains why the food is so good. Major sporting events also occur there during the spring, so if you are a sporting fan then that is a fantastic time to be in Melbourne. Listed below are some great reasons to visit Melbourne during the spring.

1. The weather

Springtime is usually the mildest of seasons in Melbourne and it gives you a break from the bitter cold of winter and the scorching days of summer. In this three-month window (September-November) you can enjoy the best the city has to offer without having to worry too much about the weather. During this time, it is simply enjoyable to take a stroll around the city and take in the sights, maybe even go to the beach and relax or just sit back and enjoy the scenery from your place of residence.

2. The Live Music Scene

Melbourne is one of the biggest live music places in the world, certainly in Australia. It would be a crime to come to Melbourne and check out the plethora of music venues the city has to offer, especially in the springtime. Many live venues have bands that play gigs outside due to the temperate weather and this makes for a refreshingly good time especially if accompanied by friends and a few beverages. It doesn’t matter what sort of music you are into as Melbourne’s music scene is as eclectic as it gets. It doesn’t matter if it is jazz or rock or country, there will be a music event held during spring that will satisfy your musical needs. A very popular option is to visit a winery during spring where live bands play so you can enjoy some gourmet food and local wine on a nice lawn while listening to some tunes.

3. Sports

If you are a sports fan, then there is no place better than to be in Melbourne during the Spring. There is so much going on from the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival which runs for the whole season culminating in the esteemed Melbourne Cup, to the AFL finals 2022 which is in late September. Cricket season also begins in late November. Rugby and basketball tournaments are also a highlight during this time, while golf is also a fixture as well due to the temperate weather and fertile greens. It’s not a stretch to say that if you are in Melbourne during spring then you must be there for some sort of sporting-related event.

4. The food

Due to the diverse ethnicity of Melbourne, the city has become one of the world’s best places to eat. There are so many options to choose from; Italian, Thai, Nepalese, Greek, Turkish, Chinese, Mexican, it’s all available. A lot of eateries also have outdoor areas where you can enjoy your meal, and spring is a great time to do so. You may want to grab some classic fish and chips and enjoy it on the beach with your family and friends or simply order some takeaway to enjoy at home. The world is your oyster when it comes to food in the spring.






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