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What is Pivot? – Definition, Strategy, and More

What is Pivot? – Definition, Strategy, and More

Pivot Definition

The word Pivot or Pivot has one meaning or another depending on the context in which it is used.

There are three areas in which it can be used: in relation to mechanics, in particular team sports and the business world.

What is it in the world of mechanics?

  • Some gadgets or machines operate with fixed articulation systems that allow a structure to move or rotate independently.
  • For this to be possible, a fixed point or axis that acts as a support or pivot is necessary.
  • Thus, the pivot is what allows one to orient a machine towards a place.
  • This structure presents different modalities (there are mechanical and hydraulic pivots, and there are also pivotal joints of the bone system, for example, in human knees).

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What is Pivot in some team sports?

In most team sports, each player has a specific function depending on his physical and technical qualities.

The figure of the pivot or pivot has a vital role in basketball and handball.

In basketball, the role of the center usually is carried out by a player of great stature.

  • This feature allows it to be useful both in defense and attack and always close to the rim.
  • When defending, the center can block opponents’ throws or prevent their positions. When he attacks, his higher height allows him to pick up rebounds more easily.

In handball, the center is also a tall player with high physical strength.

  • Its primary function is to unlock the defense of the rival team in order to create spaces so that other players on your side can throw the ball to the opposite goal more quickly.
  • In other team sports, such as rugby or volleyball, the figure of the center does not exist.

What is Pivot in business strategy?

  • When something rotates on an axis, the action of pivoting occurs. However, in business terminology, the verb pivot is used in a very particular sense.
  • There is talk of the ability to pivot a company to refer to a specified quality: adaptation to changes and new trends.
  • In this way, a company pivots when it adapts with agility and rapidity to the change processes that occur around it.
  • Therefore, the idea of pivoting is equivalent to changing and implies a change in the initial strategy in order to seek higher profitability.

For example, pivoting a company can be based on a radical change in price policy or alter the initial model of business).

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