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What is Security? – Definition, Types, and More

What is Security? – Definition, Types, and More

Security Definition

Security is the feeling of protection against external deficiencies and dangers that negatively affect the quality of life.

It is the absence of danger, damage, or risk. It is also a measure of assistance, subsidy, or compensation.

Many others derive from this concept, such as Citizen, Public, Private, Social, Workplace Safety, Industrial Safety, Environmental Safety, Food Safety, Legal Safety, etc.

What are the Different Types of Securities?

Public Security

  • Public Security is a service that the State must provide to guarantee the integrity of all citizens and their property.
  • It implies that citizens can live in harmony, each respecting the other’s rights.
  • The State is the guarantor of it and the maximum responsible when it comes to avoiding changes in the social order.
  • In this sense, public Security is a SERVICE that must be UNIVERSAL (it must reach all people) to protect the physical integrity of citizens and their property.
  • It forces must prevent crimes from being committed and suppress crimes once they are ongoing or have occurred.
  • It is also a function of the security forces to prosecute criminals and turn them over to Justice, which will be in charge of establishing the corresponding punishments according to the law.
  • Public Security also depends, among many other factors, on the effectiveness of the police, the functioning of the Judiciary, state policies, and social conditions.

Private Security

  • Private Security is the set of goods and services provided by private entities to protect their clients from crimes, damages, and risks.
  • It is defined as the set of goods and services offered by private physical and legal persons, intended to protect their clients.
  • And also, their assets and property – from damages and risks, to help them in the event of crimes, claims.
  • Clients can be natural or legal persons, public or private.
  • It usually works in an auxiliary and complementary way to Public Security and requires prior authorization, license, or permission.

Social Security

  • Social Security is the set of services, agencies, facilities, and professionals dependent on the State and providing social protection and cover a range of needs of health.
  • It is part of the Welfare State. It aims to give support and assistance to citizens, avoiding, in part, the economic and social inequalities of a country.
  • Some alternatives to Social Security are, for example, private health life Insurance write for us or pension plans.
  • There are international agreements between different countries in which the conditions for offering specifies this type of coverage specified.

Safety at work

  • The job security, along with health and hygiene, seeks the implementation of measures and the development of the necessary activities for the prevention of work-related risks.
  • And also, Safety at work is directly related to worker rights and decent working conditions.
  • It deals with occupational risk prevention issues through the detection, evaluation, and control of possible and real hazards.
  • An example of a safety measure at work is the use of helmets and protective equipment in civil construction. Construction Project Management is a highly structured endeavors, whether that’s building a shopping mall or a single-dwelling residence. They have a lot of moving parts and people that must be precisely coordinated.

Industrial Security

  • Industrial safety, relationship with job security generally focuses on the analysis and prevention of risks.
  • These are issues related to energy procurement, mineral extraction, product processing and manufacturing, and industrial waste treatment.
  • Industrial facilities include a wide variety of mining, transportation, power generation, manufacturing, and waste disposal operations.
  • And also, an example of industrial safety would be the set of measures established in a Nuclear Power Plant.

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