Important Steps to Follow When Starting a Business in 2021

If you have been thinking of starting a new business, you should take many factors into consideration. You will also need to transform your thoughts into a solid business strategy. You will need to set realistic goals and then create an effective business plan in order to realize your business objectives.

However, starting a business is easier said than done. You will need to have a clear-cut idea of the steps required to start a viable enterprise. The goal is to have as easy a journey as possible in order to achieve your dreams.

Here, we will provide the important steps that you should follow when starting a business in 2021, such as registering for a Master Business License.

Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Business in 2021

You will first need to determine the type of business that you wish to own. Research the market in order to identify the key players. You will then need to create a sound and effective business plan or outline.

Next, assess your finances in order to determine if it is realistically feasible for you to start a business without going under in the not too distant future.

You will also need to find a unique business location as well as an original business name that stands out. You will also need to register your business under a business structure that is both legal and suitable (i.e., sole proprietorship, partnership).

Provincial and federal tax identifications will also need to be procured. You will need to apply for the necessary permits and licenses, such as a Master Business License. A corporate or business bank account will also need to be opened, and a payroll account will need to be opened if you have at least one employee.

Once you have completed the aforementioned, you will need to develop your service and/or product. Most people also search for products and services online, so take the time to build a user-friendly and professional business website. You will also need to create and launch an effective marketing and sales strategy in order to attract clients and retain them over the long run.

If you are dealing with any issues with your startup, connect with valuable business advisors and mentors to obtain advice. Building a diligent, tactful, and resourceful team should also be a top priority. You will also need to secure funding in order to keep your company afloat during the first few tumultuous years. All will be lost, however, if you are unable to assemble the right team. You need to invest in future-proof technologies and work with the right people in order to maximize your chances for success.

2020 also marked the year of the global pandemic. It is imperative that you assess the damages that resulted from Covid-19 and determine how you can prevent such issues from occurring in 2021.

Does My Business Need a Master Business License?

It is recommended that you obtain a Master Business License. You will likely obtain it as you go through the steps involved in registering your business.

Under the Business Names Act, most businesses in Ontario must register their business name with the government. Most must also obtain a Master Business License in order to operate. Business operations will be smoother once the license has been obtained, and a business that is licensed will obtain more legal protection. The government will keep track of tax Revenue write for us and business operations in the area when businesses apply for business licenses.

A Master Business License will provide you with authority to advertise and operate a business name in the province of Ontario. You will also be provided with a five-year registration, as well as the documentation needed to open business tax and bank accounts. Access to discounted or wholesale pricing from retailers will also be provided.

However, a Master Business License will not provide you or any co-owners with liability protection. Your business’s name will also not be protected via the license, nor will it provide you with potential corporate tax benefits. You will also not be afforded any flexibility to make changes to the registration via your Master Business License.

A Master Business License is also a requirement if your business’s gross income is at least $12,000 annually. It is also required if you wish to hire employees to work for you or collect sales tax from your business.

Any business that will need to pay provincial taxes will also need to register for a Master Business License. The same applies to businesses that buy or process specialty foods.

Finally, if you intend to do business under a “Doing Business As” or a name that differs from your full legal name, you will need to obtain a Master Business License.

Profitable Business Ideas for New Entrepreneurs in 2021

Some profitable business ideas that you may want to look into for next year include custom t-shirt printing, accounting, vacation rental, drone security, content creation, chatbots, social media consulting, and selling exclusive coffee.

You may also want to look into online art selling, becoming an influencer, launching a podcast, freelance developing, writing, and design, teaching online courses, launching a clothing line, or opening a dropshipping store or bike shop.


Covid-19 has impacted many businesses in 2020. Many aspiring entrepreneurs have been hesitant to launch their new businesses in 2021 as a result.

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