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3 Ways to Run Better Virtual Meetings

3 Ways to Run Better Virtual Meetings

Virtual Meetings

This unusual situation that we have to live is highlighting the real need to learn to manage teams remotely.

And also, delocalized to “get along” with those tools can help us maintain contact and the productivity of our teams remotely.

And in this new context, you-to-you or group video calls are the big stars.

Platforms like Zoom, Teams, Skype, Hangouts, or even Whatsapp allow you to connect with one or more users by sharing audio and video, documents, or the screen of our computer.

However, on many occasions, more than we would like to acknowledge, these virtual meetings are somewhat chaotic and unproductive.

Here are our tips to avoid it and be able to take advantage of virtual restaurant write for us meetings by videoconference.

1. Technology

When we start any group conversation by videoconference, the most common thing is to hear things like: do you listen to me? I don’t see you, I hear you stuttering, who is missing?

To avoid all these inconveniences that can delay us or give an image of unprofessionalism.

If clients, potential collaborators also participate in the meeting, the idea is that the host or person in charge of the meeting provides all users with the necessary technical requirements in advance.

In any case, we should make sure that all the participants have the technical requirements to access the meeting, such as:

  • Webcam.
  • Microphone and headphones to prevent sound clipping.
  • Good internet connection to avoid outages when sharing video or desktop.
  • Plugins or additional software if something needs to install for the
  • User accounts in a specific application, such as Google, if we use Hangout.
  • Link or mode of access to the meeting.

2. Choose your platform well and take advantage of it

  • As we have said, many platforms on the market offer video conferencing systems.
  • Some allow documents to be shared, the computer screen, others have integrated whiteboard, chats, the ability to mute participants.
  • And some can access via the web, and others require that it install. Some software on the computer, some require registration, others are freely accessible, some are free and paid.
  • Choose the platform that best suits our circumstances, requirements, and participants’ skills it is essential for this to be successful.

3. Take care of your image and your environment

  • Although we are at home, on vacation, or at dawn for us, we must take care of our appearance.
  • We should wear the same clothes we would wear if the meeting were in person. Makeup if we usually do it.
  • On the other hand, we must take care of the lighting of the chosen space to maintain the meeting and also that it is not too noisy.
  • In this case, we must use headphones to isolate ourselves and avoid annoying noises to our interlocutors.
  • The background is also essential, and we must try to be as neutral as possible and not to distract the attention of others.
  • Finally, we must monitor our posture, our gestures, and our manners.

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