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What is Amazon Locker? – Cost, work, and User guide

What is Amazon Locker? – Cost, work, and User guide

Amazon Locker is self-service lockers that offer platform users the possibility of collecting their orders with total autonomy.

In other words, it is a locker service where anyone can safely pick up their Amazon packages.

At the time that suits them best.

Without having to be aware of being anywhere for when the delivery person arrives.

Lockers usually locate in  service stations, pizza restaurants, shopping centers, DIA supermarkets, storage rooms, etc.

In this way, we will prevent the delivery person from going to our home or shipping address and finding that there is no one to pick up the package.

Finally, we have to be the ones to pick it up from the transport agency, for example.

Also, Amazon Lockers offer long service hours.

They do not require us to wait in queues until we can pick up our package, and it is a free service for Amazon Prime members.

How Amazon Lockers Work

Its operation is effortless; the only thing we have to do when purchasing on Amazon is to select a Locker as the shipping address and finalize the order.

Later, we will receive a code to go to the selected Locker and collect our order, that simple.

Therefore, the first thing we will have to do is locate an Amazon Locker near us.

That is convenient for us to go and collect our orders on Amazon.

Steps to follow

  1. We have to go to the Amazon website and log in with our account to do this.
  2. Access My account> Addresses> Add address and click on the option Collect your packages at the collection point that suits you best.
  3. It will show us a new page where we will choose the Amazon Locker option from the All collection points drop-down.
  4. We can then search for Lockers available near us by address, postal code, or point of interest.
  5. Once we have indicated what is best for us, click on Search, and a list of the Amazon Locker available near us and located on a map will appear.
  6. We will also see the relevant information regarding each Locker: the time available to pick up our package, exact address, and location on the map.
  7. Once we have chosen the one that best suits us, we click on the Select button.
  8. That Amazon Locker will automatically save as one of the delivery addresses associated with our account.
  9. From that moment on, we can use it as the shipping address when placing an order.
  10. Of course, suppose the option to select an Amazon Locker does not appear at the time of doing.
  11. In that case, it means that this shipping option is not available because our order does not meet the requirements.
  12. It is in terms of dimensions, category, amount, or availability of the product.
  13. Once our order delivers to the selected Amazon Locker, we will receive an email with the instructions and a code for collecting it.
  14. When we arrive at the ticket office, all we have to do is follow the instructions indicated and enter our code to proceed with the collection of our package.
  15. All orders delivered to an Amazon Locker must pick up within 3 days of delivery.
  16. If we cannot collect our order within that time, it will returns to Amazon for a full refund.

How to indicate that an order sent to one of these ticket offices

  • Once we have registered our Amazon Locker as one of the shipping addresses available in our account.
  • When placing an order on Amazon, we have to select the Locker as the shipping address.
  • As usual, we have to carry out the purchase process, look for our products, and add them to the card.
  • Once we are ready to process the order, we will have to click on the Change option displayed next to the shipping address set as the default in the Shipping address section.
  • If the usual thing is to send our orders to an Amazon Locker, then we can set this address as the default shipping address from the Addresses section in our account.
  • As soon as you click on the Change option, all the delivery addresses that we have previously registered will appear, including the Amazon Locker in question.
  • Therefore, all we have to do is select it and confirm the order by paying for it.
  • Once the order reaches the Amazon Locker in question, we will receive the email with the instructions and the code for collection.

How to select a locker for people with reduced mobility

  • All Amazon lockers design to be used by people with hearing and visual disabilities.
  • Thanks to a series of tools that every one of them includes by default.
  • However, not all are accessible for people with reduced mobility, although some are, and we can select them.
  • During the order processing, right when you choose the delivery in an Amazon Locker, select the option of the lowest lockers.
  • These lockers are closer to the ground, so they offer greater accessibility for people in wheelchairs.
  • When you have liked this preference, it will remain marked by default.
  • And also, your orders will always send the lower lockers.
  • You can cancel this preference whenever you want.

How much does it cost to use Amazon Locker and other issues

  1. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can use Amazon Lockers completely free.
  2. Just as you received the package at your home address.
  3. If you are not a member of Amazon Prime, you will have to pay USD 6 for delivery in 1 day.
  4. Same-day shipping delivery is USD 9.5.
  5. Of course, you have to bear in mind that not all Amazon items prepare to deliver through Locker.
  6. The articles eligible to benefit from this system are those articles from any Amazon page sent by the company (as a general rule, they are the sellers’ or reconditioned products).
  7.  Currently, Amazon Lockers accept packages of the following measurements: 42 x 35 x 32 cm, with a maximum weight of 4.5 kilos.
  8. It means that if you have placed an order for an electric scooter or a microwave, you will hardly be able to pick it up at Amazon Locker.
  9. Likewise, you have only three days to pick up your package once you have received the email with the code.
  10. We recommend that you always keep this in mind because if 72 hours pass.
  11. The package will return to Amazon, and you will receive a full refund of the order.
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