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Why you Should Continue to Distribute Name Cards in 2022

Why you Should Continue to Distribute Name Cards in 2022

It is the digital era, after all!

This is a reality of life that is forcing some business owners and professionals to abandon some conventional marketing tactics, such as handing out name cards, also known as business cards, to potential clients after creating a connection with them or simply presenting themselves and their company.

With the advent of digital innovations like websites and social media, it appears that businesses may now reach out to an increasingly larger number of people and post information about themselves on the internet.

Despite this, many corporate leaders or business owners continue to have cards with them at all times for the following reasons:

1. The Personal Impression

Giving out a business card entails more than simply providing a possible consumer with your contact information and then going your separate ways. Instead, this is a great moment to interact and connect with them so that they can see your honesty and warmth as a businessperson. Static photographs or updates on a website or social media make it tough to express that. It’s more effective if you do it yourself.

2. First Impressions Are The Most Important

While personality and warmth are important in establishing the trust of a potential customer, your name card must have a striking design and be the correct size. According to Small Business Trends’ research, 72 percent of people will rate your firm based on the quality of your business card. A visually beautiful and well-thought-out business card design can help you make a positive impression on your potential consumer about yourself or your company. Use this opportunity to incorporate your company logo, brand colors, and legible typefaces to give your card a professional, stand-out look.

3. Do Not Trust The Numbers

Even as marketing methods advance to accommodate more efficient means of expanding audience reach, there is undeniable evidence that printing name cards with the right design template and handing them out with a professional approach can actually leave a lasting impression on the spot and communicate your intent to your potential client even before they reach for their mobile device to look you up on the internet. There are even more reasons to maintain business cards in your marketing arsenal, with research demonstrating that they are more successful in conversion rates. If you still believe name cards still work and thrive in this day and age, look for, they will provide you with the best quality advice for the design to production of cards.


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