What is Customer Service? – Definition, Requirements, and More

Customer Service Definition

Customer service takes care of the wishes of the customers to whom a product or service is to vend.

It is the interface between sales, marketing, and consumers and is responsible for keeping customers through customer loyalty.

After all, winning new customers is much more expensive for a company than keeping existing customers.

What are the requirements of Customer Service?

You do not necessarily have to have completed a business degree to apply for customer service, but it is an advantage. You can also go far in service with an apprenticeship.

However, your outstanding soft skills are much more important in customer service jobs: sometimes you have a calming effect on an angry customer, sometimes you help in IT service with error messages.

And also, You always have the goal clearly in mind: to meet the customer’s wishes as best as possible and to bind them to the company in the long term.This is also the main goal of call center services in the Philippines. When you provide excellent customer service, it will boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to a long term relationship between the company and the customer.

Requirements for application in customer service:

  1. High customer and service orientation
  2. And also, Excellent spoken and written language skills
  3. A structured and organized way of working
  4. Ability to work in a team and confident appearance
  5. And also, Enjoy working with people

What are the tasks of Customer service?

In this, you communicate with the customer primarily on three channels:

  • Email / live chat
  • phone
  • FAQ

You will spend most of your day-to-day work, answering emails. Many of the inquiries are easy to answer. With short explanations or links to the FAQ, you can help the customer quickly.

It gets trickier in more complicated cases. The following applies here: the more complex the problem, the sooner personal contact sought.

So it would be best if you weren’t afraid to make calls. If you don’t have an answer ready despite your expertise, be honest.

Explain the situation to the customer and ensure that you forward the request to the appropriate department.

If you have received feedback from the relevant department in the company, you contact the customer and shine with your support.

Typical Tasks:

  1. Processing of customer inquiries by phone, email or chat
  2. Complaint management and complaint processing
  3. Provide information about invoice inquiries, products, prices or tariffs
  4. Documentation of concerns in the database
  5. And also, Career opportunities in customer service.

Since you are very familiar with the company products in the job as a representative, you can take on responsibility in a managerial role or as a sales assistant with increasing professional experience and also get more salary.

But your empathy and persuasiveness are also welcome in account management. In this part of sales, you no longer only deal with customer loyalty.

But also with acquisition and, in some cases, with sales marketing. You reach the summit as a key account manager. You then look after the most valuable customers for your company.

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