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History YouTube Channels to Educate Yourself
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History YouTube Channels to Educate Yourself

Even though you might find it surprising, YouTube has a lot of popular history channels. Users not only seek entertainment, but they also want to learn more about their world around them.

Many history channels on the platform have found a unique way to present history, making it both educational and thrilling to watch.

Therefore, if your passion is history, you can find a lot of potential in this niche. Make sure that you create high-quality videos and buy real YouTube subscribers to help your channel grow.


Subscribers: 6.21 million

  • The History Channel is the go-to place for everyone interested to discover the world’s history.
  • Among its videos, you will find both ancient and modern history, as well as the events that led to great discoveries.
  • The production value of its content is really high, providing users with accurate information.

#2 CGP Grey

Subscribers: 4.35 million

  • CGP Grey is a very popular history channel that combines education with entertainment.
  • The channel’s creator chooses various themes which he then illustration with simple animation.
  • The viewers get to find out with humor about things they had never imagined, like how the life of a pirate was.

#3 Real Life Lore

Subscribers: 3.75 million

  • Real Life Lore has found a way to pique its viewers’ interest by providing answers to strange questions.
  • In fact, all of the videos posted on the channel, showcase a curious case from history.
  • So, between its content, you might find about a pandemic, or about the shortest war in history.
  • This is a great way to stand out among the rest of the history channels. Find a sub-niche like this and buy YouTube subscribers to find success.

#4 OverSimplified

Subscribers: 3.65 million

  • Many of the most popular history channels on the platform try to explain history in a simplified way.
  • This is exactly what OverSimplified does. All of its videos are short animated representations from world history. In many cases, the videos come in two parts.

#5 Simple History

Subscribers: 2.88 million

  • Simple History tries to take its viewers back in time to explore the way people lived back in time.
  • Their videos are animated and take the users to battlefields, the medieval times, and the Industrial Revolution.
  • Simple History visualized history in an interesting way, and for this, its videos have gained over 595 million views.

#6 Sam O’Nella Academy

Subscribers: 2.51 million

  • The Sam O’Nella Academy proves to you that you don’t have to create stunning animation to visualize history successfully.
  • The videos on this channel consist of simple animation with narration. Nevertheless, the result is very educational and entertaining.

#7 Extra Credits

Subscribers: 2.41 million

  • Extra Credits is another YouTube history channel that visualizes history. However, in this case, the channel’s creators produce many multi-part series to explain the whole story.
  • The channel’s series explains both ancient and modern history, as well as the events that led to scientific breakthroughs. Additionally, you can also find a simple visualization write for us of the Iliad.
  • As you can see, there are many history channels with millions of users. If you want to become one of them, find the way you are going to tell the history and buy YouTube subscribers.

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