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Top 5 Watch Brands That You Need To Try This 2021

Top 5 Watch Brands That You Need To Try This 2021

Timekeeping has been a big part of our lives since the beginning; it helped us budget our time, not be late to important events, and most importantly, administer and take medications on time. Our way of timekeeping has evolved many times since then, the watch tools we use for monitoring time is far different from how it was before.

If people before use big instruments to tell time, that’s not the case today. Technological advancement enables people to make compact instruments for telling time or what we call watches. A regular watch is fine, but nothing can beat the quality of luxury watches. From its precision, design, and durability, it is indeed the best instrument for timekeeping.

Nomos Glashütte

Nomos Glashütte is a Germany-based company that has produced world-class companies since the year 1990. Nomos Watches are initially hand-wound mechanical watches. It is only in the year 2005 when the company decided to make their first automatic watch.

Since then, the company has made some of the best manual and automatic watches.

The bestselling timepiece of the company is the Tangente Sport. This one-of-a-kind watch is run by Neomatik date caliber, DUW 6101 that provides precision in telling time. It is made from the besting materials that protect it from shock, water, and dust. Thanks to its handcrafted stainless steel Building write for us body, it also has an elegant look, giving it an extra character to the watch.


Blancpain started making iconic watches in the year 1735. The company contributed so much in creating timepieces using modern technology to make intricate movements of modern timepieces. It is also known as one of the first companies to make underwater watches.

The company is not only focused on the quality of its products but also its aesthetics. It is evident in their Villeret Metiers d’Art “The Great Wave.” It is a literal work of art because of the incorporated painting of the Great Wave off Kanagawa in the timepiece. This is indeed a fusion of art and functionality.

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer offers some of the most breathtaking, most unique, and sturdy watches in the world. The company, which was established 150 years ago, provides nothing but quality and precision in telling time for over a century now. They are known for making the best Swiss luxury watches and for creating excellent quality sports watches.

One of their most recent creations is the Tag Heuer Connected Golf Edition. This unique watch is a smartwatch that allows the user to connect their phone to the watch, which gives them the ability to track their performance on more than 30,000 courses all over the world.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe, a company founded in 1851, is famous, being the royalties` top pick when it comes to choosing their timepieces. Their watches are renowned for having one-of-a-kind mechanisms and their traditional way of designing their masterpiece.

One of the most famous pieces of the company is Patek Philippe Ref. 5711. According to rumors, this watch takes eight long years to design and craft a single piece of this watch, not a short period for making a single watch. It only shows how committed the company is to create the best quality timepieces and the reason why they are royalties` choice.


There is no way you can mention luxury without saying Rolex. This brand initially started with the goal of producing watches for professional drivers. It was only in the 1980s when Rolex earned its luxury status. Because of its watchmaking achievement, it is not a shocker that everyone wants to get their hands on the company’s timepieces.

One of their outstanding creations is Rolex Sky-Dweller, 2020 edition. It is famous for being the most complex watch among all Rolex’s creations. The watch provides an annual calendar and dual-time feature. The overall design and material used in creating this masterpiece represent how excellent this company is in making the best watches.


Thousands of years ago, people monitor time using hourglass, candle clocks, and sundials, but the tools we use before in monitoring time have improved drastically in terms of precision, design, materials used, and size. From manual monitoring of time to luxury watches, our way of telling time has indeed come a long way.

Today, watch specifically luxury timepieces plays an essential part in our day-to-day lives. It is not just a mere instrument anymore that helps us monitor time, but it does more to us; it is now considered as jewelry that improves our style, for some, it is part of their investment; for others, it boosts their confidence, and to some, it symbolizes their success and hard work.

But whatever your reason for buying a luxury watch, one thing is for sure, timekeeping will always hold a huge part of our lives, mainly because we live in a fast phasing world where our time should be monitored and calculated. And because of technological advancement, these watches’ additional functions will also help us in our everyday battles.

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