What is Design? – Definition, Phases, Styles, and More

Design Definition

The design concept often used in the context of the arts, engineering, architecture, and various creative disciplines.

Thus, it is the previous process of mental configuration in the search for a solution. In other words, the design consists of a graphically represented vision of a future job.

In this way, it involves capturing thought through sketches, drawings, sketches, and outlines drawn on any medium.

The act of designing considers as creativity (the act of creation), innovation (when the object does not exist), or a modification of something that already exists (through abstraction, synthesis, ordering, or transformation).

What are the Phases in Design?

The process usually involves the following phases:

  • Observe and analyze the environment in which the human being develops, discovering some need.
  • Plan and project are proposing a way to solve this need, through programs and models, trying to discover the possibility and viability of the solution (s).
  • Build and execute bringing the initial idea to real life, through materials and production processes.
  • These three acts are done one after another, and sometimes continuously. Some theorists do not see such a clear hierarchy, as these acts appear over and over again in the process.

Due to the improvement of the designer’s work another fundamental act in the process stands out:

  • Evaluate since it is necessary to know when the design finished.
  • Designing as a cultural act implies knowing criteria such as presentation, production, significance, socialization, costs, marketing, among others. These criteria are innumerable but are countable as the engagement appears and is defined.

What is the Scope of Application?

  • It applied in all areas and found everywhere. Within the digital world, throughout the network, the internet (the web ).
  • And also, from all over the world advertising, magazines, newspapers, books, manuals (design and layout).
  • We find the design in our furniture, a chair, a piece of furniture (industrial design and ergonomics ).
  • We see the design in the multimedia world, cinema, television, videos, musicals, trailers, and other special effects.
  • The possibilities of graphics are endless since there are more and more fields in which elements created and used through the computer.

The Design could be divided into three main groups:

  1. The edition: It is all kinds of books, newspapers, and magazines.
  2. Advertising: It is the advertising poster design, advertisements, brochures.
  3. The identity: Is is the design of a corporate image of a company.

Styles and trends in design

  • In every process, the designer uses all the possible information, retained in his memory, to carry out his creation.
  • A series of images, signs, and other communication resources associated and intertwined with each other, giving rise to design.
  • The trends are a series of groups of a specific style, stylistic, that itself is adopting. They are in continuous evolution and set the style for future creations.
  • There, the style becomes part, as a way of acting, giving the personal touch to the current project.

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