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Apps Builder is an Italian self-service app builder that enables non-coding users to create their HTML5 apps and web apps in the cloud, deploy them on seven different operating systems and distribute them to large app stores.

Therefore, the Apps Builder project was started in April 2010 by two computer engineers, Daniele Pellerin and Luigi Giglio, who opened their first office in Milan, Italy, followed by an office in Catania. They received funding from venture capitalists Massimiliano Magrini (CEO of Annapurna Ventures) and Mario Mariani (CEO of The Net Value).

How to find the best app developers

When developing a mobile application, one of the key elements is finding the right developer or digital agency to carry out your project.

If you’re usually reading our blog, you should already know how to create an app and define a good mobile project. However, for your app to be successful, you need the help of experienced app developers when you don’t want to do a basic task.

Therefore, smart phone app development guide and online tools to create an application yourself without any programming knowledge. But if you want your mobile app to be unique, experienced programmers should do it. And also,  at Yeeply, we can help you find the right app development team!

Qualified and certified application developers

Yeeply is a marketplace dedicated to finding the best application developers for your technology project. You can network with independent developers and experienced digital agencies who have their application development teams. And also,  which is ideal for large projects on our platform.

Having a Yeeply team is synonymous with experienced project managers. Therefore,  advise you on all aspects of your application and the direction of your project. And also,  from project design to the definition of a suitable marketing strategy.

Website developer. Website builder for all types of mobile devices and programming languages. And also, Yeeply has dedicated developers for iOS, Android, HTML5, etc.

Mobile game developer. And also,  Developing video games for mobile devices is more difficult than creating applications. If your project is video game development, you need to find the best professionals.

Application designer. For your app to offer a unique user experience, you need to combine good design with usability. And also, That’s why you need a designer to advise you on UX and UI.

Marketers. It won’t be enough for users to hire an app builder and publish your app to download. A marketer is essential in getting the word out about your application and thus increasing the number of users who download and use it.

Hire a web developer at a digital agency

There is more to creating an app than just coding the code. It should followed by previous working hours, which are geared towards creating a good app design and making it usable. And also, All of this without forgetting the importance of marketing and a good business plan to monetize your application. For this reason, app entrepreneurs wonder whether a digital agency is more effective than developing independent apps.

If the project you’re trying to implement is simple, you don’t have to involve many professionals to get the job done. In addition, in many cases, the developers themselves have design skills. However, building complex applications require your development, so the two profiles are separate. If you want to develop a mobile game. Therefore, we recommend hiring a designer who only cares about the visual aspect.

And also,  digital agency is probably the best option for achieving your project’s goals. And in addition to the right team of developers and designers, you have project managers overseeing your work. Therefore,  agency will also help you implement the right marketing strategies to monetize your app.

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