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Personal selling In-person sales occur when a sales rep meets with a prospect to make a sale. Many salespeople rely on a sequential sales process that typically consists of nine steps. Some salespeople develop scripts for all or part of the sales process. The sales process can be used in face-to-face meetings and telemarketing.

Personal Selling: Importance

Personal selling part of the advertising mix and an art of personal communication designed to convince potential customers or consumers in the sales process. To establish an effective marketing system, a balance must be struck between other elements of marketing such as product development, pricing, distribution system, advertising, etc. It must be organized in the same way as the implementation of the personal selling methodology.

In modern marketing philosophy, the sales consultative process must develop long-term relationships and rapport with the consumer. Personal selling helps consumers determine the appropriate benefits of the products and services offered to meet their needs.

A situation in which two people network is called a “dyad”. In a buyer-seller dyad, the consumer should have more opportunities to get to know the seller and the company. Research has shown that the likelihood of positive results is high when the characteristics and types of salespeople and potential customers match. Seller behavior will affect the buying process and customer satisfaction.

Personal selling characteristics

Personal selling differs from other sales and advertising methods in the following ways:

Contact with people is a personal interaction in which the salesperson interacts directly with the potential customer and implements an individual sales strategy based on the needs, desires and expectations of the customer.

Relationship Development: In personal sales, a buyer-seller relationship is established in which trust is established and a potential buyer can trust the seller. Moreover, this method even promotes the involvement of the seller in the buying process.

Two-way information flow: Unlike mass marketing, personal sales characterized by a two-way information flow. Potential buyers have the opportunity to ask questions directly to the seller before buying and to dispel their doubts.

Fast communication: Since personal sales involve face-to-face communication, information exchanged very quickly.

Flexibility: the seller must adapt the sales proposal to the personality and requirements of the potential audience, which makes this sales tool flexible.

Satisfaction: Therefore,  face-to-face selling process requires the salesperson to understand and meet the customer’s needs, offering them the opportunity to buy what they have to offer.

Belief: Personal Selling is about more than informing potential customers about what a company has to offer. It is also about using persuasion to get buyers to accept the seller’s point of view or to get the buyer to take action.

The importance of personal selling

Personal selling is an important tool for selling technical and complex proposals that require human contact, personalization, persuasiveness and fast communication.

For high-value items, personal selling is commonly used as it helps the business educate and persuade the buyer through customized sales methods to gain more credibility.

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