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Loyalty Marketing Write For Us, Contribute And Submit postLoyalty marketing is a management-based strategic marketing approach in which the company focuses on growth and retention of existing customers through incentives. Branding, product marketing, and loyalty marketing are all parts of the buyer proposition – a buyer’s subjective assessment of whether a brand is worth buying based on the integrated mix of value it receives from each of these disciplines. marketing

The discipline of customer loyalty marketing has been around for many years, but its expansion from a simple business model to a marketing and advertising medium has made it ubiquitous in major marketing organizations. Therefore, Mid to late 1990s. Some new insiders in the loyalty marketing industry, like Fred Reicheld, have argued that there is a strong connection between customer loyalty marketing and SEO. And also, In recent years, a new marketing discipline called customer advocacy marketing has been merged or replaced with customer loyalty marketing. The most notable customer loyalty marketing programs for the general public are many airline miles programs, hotel frequent flyer programs, and credit card rewards programs.

Loyalty marketing

Loyalty marketing  is a type of marketing associated with strategic marketing in which a company focuses on attracting and retaining existing customers through incentives. And also, Branding, “product marketing,” and this loyalty marketing are all part of this new customer service form.

Therefore,  implication is that the built-in combination of values ​​that the customer derives from each of these marketing disciplines will ultimately lead to an action that leads the person to buy the brand or not.

The origins of loyalty marketing

Loyalty marketing or simply “loyalty programs” have existed in Germany almost “forever” since the early 1950s with simple postage stamps or collective postage stamps.

However, it is estimated that in 1981 American Airlines introduced modern loyalty programs that began with a mileage accrual system. It later expanded to other industries, including hotels, credit cards, and car rental.

Loyalty Marketing: Challenges and Benefits

Loyalty programs often have good intentions, but the goals are almost always unclear. While loyalty programs serve many purposes, retailers’ most excellent value is identifying individual customers and measuring and understanding their behavior. This consumer data is far more valuable than the retailer’s costs through his “reward.”

Loyalty Marketing Basics

Today the market has changed, And also,  consumers are demanding more. Therefore, Reward in loyalty marketing has gone from being a gift to something that’s considered correct. In addition, consumers do not want to claim the property themselves but are looking for experiences. And also,  Typically consumers are looking for meaning (including value and relevance).

Consequently, the growing wave of expectations has pushed marketers to create genuinely innovative loyalty programs and showcase how the program can improve the lifestyle of their consumers. Therefore, Change your behavior. And the answer lies not in the reward catalog but in understanding the fundamentals of loyalty marketing.

Loyalty Marketing: How to Differentiate Yourself?

Differentiation in a loyalty marketing program starts with the Positioning Idea of ​​the program. It is interesting to note that most programs do not have one, which explains why so many programs look and appear identical. And also, Examples of program positioning are:

  • Firstly, Air Miles : “Help collectors enjoy life more, every day”
  • Citi : “Thank you.”
  • Tesco : “Every little help will do”
  • Hilton HHonors : “ Rewarding Experience”

Therefore,  positioning of a loyalty marketing program affects everything, from how it is communicated, to what is offered, and even how it is perceived.

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